An Unrivaled Ranch & Resort Experience

THE JL BAR RANCH & RESORT spans 13,000 acres on the western edge of the majestic Texas Hill Country. Designed exclusively for executive hunts, corporate retreats, culinary weekends and unique concert events, it’s one of the most intimate properties in the Southern United States. Beyond service and hospitality, we proudly provide sanctuary – with 16 luxury cabins centered around a Main Lodge that features fine dining, wine cellar, meeting areas, and lounge, all situated atop an infinity pool and terrace. The property also boasts a private airport, established hunting operations, and a full recording facility, all conveniently located on-site to ensure your time away is one of the most effortless escapes imaginable.

We believe in the power of limited distraction. A reservation at THE JL BAR RANCH & RESORT means your group is the only group on-site for the duration of your stay. It’s a philosophy we’ve deemed a “plus-none” approach, ensuring hospitality and service is dedicated to your party, exclusively. JL BAR provides an opportunity to go from your private plane to a private resort; You can have a hunt all to yourself; Or you can simply host colleagues and family to a personalized agenda of activities and relaxation, however you choose to define it.