There Really Is Something for Everyone at The JL Bar Ranch & Resort

The JL Bar Ranch & Resort is a great fit for any traveler looking to get away from it all. From family vacations to work events, there’s something for everyone at our resort. You may assume this experience is only geared toward outdoorsy people, but there’s certainly a lot more to The JL Bar Ranch & Resort – although there are many great outdoor activity options as well.

What About the Non-Shooters?

Employees or family members who may not want to participate in hunting, golfing, cave exploration, kayaking or shooting can spend time at the pool, hot tub, and fitness center, enjoy the many onsite yard games such as washers, corn hole and ladder toss, participate in photography or make use of our recording studio.At JL Bar & Ranch, there are many things for photo enthusiasts to take pictures of, from animals to beautiful scenery and nature.

Golfing and shooting enthusiasts have virtually endless options to choose from that will keep them busy for days. There are two different 18-hole golf course options, and between rounds, you can practice putting and chipping on our specialized green.

Shooters can enjoy skeet, 5-stand, sporting clays, long range and 3-gun range shooting. If you prefer archery, you will love the 3D Archery range at The JL Bar Ranch & Resort. We have a beautiful 3D archery setup that plays almost like golf with bows and arrows instead of clubs and holes. Shoot at foam game targets across a three-dimensional course that allows you to take score and practice in a beautiful setting.

Golfing at JLBar, Ranch and Resort has never been more exciting. Come see what we have to offer.Beginners unfamiliar with the intricacies of shooting or hunting will benefit from our onsite lessons, including single lessons and lesson packages that can be purchased for groups or individuals.

During hunting season, we also organize an array of hunts, including year-round exotic hunts. Our exotic hunting list includes axis deer, fallow deer, red stag and blackbuck antelope. Turkey and upland bird hunting, which includes game such as quail and pheasants, is available from September through March. Our grounds have an extraordinarily healthy population of Rio Grande turkeys. Bag one this upcoming spring for a truly memorable experience.

Finally, the Texas white-tailed deer hunting adventures organized by The JL Bar Ranch & Resort provide a truly immersive hunting journey and are led by experienced guides who spend a significant amount of time out in the field before you arrive to optimize the experience. We even go so far as to monitor and supplement the diet of our land’s whitetail deer population to ensure every hunter who bags one gets the buck of a lifetime.

Corporate Retreat Options

Don’t let all the exciting outdoor activities fool you. The JL Bar Ranch & Resort is also the ideal staging ground for corporate retreats and work events. Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology to make presentations of various scales easy and seamless. Delicious onsite catering also ensures every meal is perfectly prepared for your employees. Many carefully designed conference room options can accommodate groups of virtually any size.

Plus, our hunting, golf and adventuring opportunities provide just about the best possible team building and bonding opportunities in Texas.

Schedule Your Visit Today!

There are endless options for activities and entertainment at The JL Bar Ranch and Resort. Call us at (855) 414-3337 or schedule a reservation online to learn more about our activities and our many luxury amenities and room options. We look forward to providing you the perfect vacation or work event, whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure!