3D Archery

Engage the body and mind with a primitive activity, enjoyed by novice through expert alike, while surrounded by The JL Bar’s spectacular outdoor scenery. Guests can learn to shoot an array of archery equipment, including Ten Point Compound Bows, Bear Compound Bows, Recurve Bows, and even Kid’s Bows. Our archery specialists will demonstrate the recommended grip and stance to lay a foundation of proper technique. Shooters will progress at a comfortable speed, learning aim and follow through best practices, also demonstrated, while aiming at targets. Our 3-D Archery field offers an array of targets comprised of Native Texas species. Receive tailored shot-by-shot feedback throughout the activity, seeing progress in marksmanship abilities as your arrow cluster becomes tighter.


  • 1 hour activity.
  • Cost will be per shooter.
  • Guest(s) meet at the General Store prior to the scheduled activity.