Our Wildlife Philosophy

Mother Nature provides a surplus of animals to compensate for death losses in a species. In populations where management does not occur, animal numbers will soon build to levels exceeding range carrying capacity resulting in habitat abuse, starvation, and death. A regulated harvest helps assure that there is plenty of food for the number of animals present on the range. Balancing deer numbers with the amount of forage available insures maximum body and antler growth in order for more animals to reach their genetic potential.

Texas government habitat management techniques such as axe, cow, plow, and fire, do little good when deer numbers exceed the available food supply. For Texas range lands to respond to these various management practices, deer must be harvested and maintained at or below the carrying capacity of the land. A balanced harvest also emphasizes the harvest of antlerless (female) deer. Natural predators as well as hunters play a role in keep deer populations at or below carrying capacity of the land.

At The JL Bar Ranch, we have a passion for wildlife and our land. Much of our property remains a pristine wildlife habitat that includes thirteen thousand rolling acres of oak trees and wild grasses, extensive bird species, cattle, and numerous types of native and exotic animals. As entrusted stewards of the land, we feel we have an obligation to manage the ranch to be productive while conserving and nurturing vital habitat for wild game – orchestrating a harmonious balance between wild game and domestic livestock on the property.

Hunting Band

Hunting Opportunities

The JL Bar Ranch & Resort offers a variety of hunting scenarios, from World Class Trophy Whitetails to exotic hunts of Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Red Stag, and Super Exotics. We also host Quail and Pheasant field hunts, complete with professionally trained dogs. All hunts include experienced guides who possess a strong familiarity with the ranch and surrounding areas. Our Shooting Sports Complex features a state of the art trap and skeet course (8 stations with stadium lights) with both high and low field house, a rifle and pistol range, a 1500 yard long range, and professional shooting instructors on-hand to prepare for your upcoming hunt. To ensure your time is managed with the utmost importance, our General Store provides guns, ammo, & licenses, on-site. All hunts can be reserved by group, exclusively, or through one of our unique weekend events.

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Whitetail Hunting

If you are ready for the premiere Texas Whitetail Hunting adventure of a lifetime, then The JL Bar Ranch & Resort is for you. Located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country and in the heart of big deer country, our award winning hunts provide you with a personal guide, five star accommodations, and gourmet meals.

Everything we do at The JL Bar Ranch & Resort, we do with you in mind. Our well trained staff and guides spend countless hours in the field preparing for your arrival. To ensure that our bucks are a superior breed and that antler growth reaches maximum potential, their diet is monitored throughout the year and supplemented with a high protein diet. Your buck of a lifetime awaits you at The JL Bar Ranch & Resort. Call today to book your hunt.

Exotic Hunting

The JL Bar Ranch & Resort offers year-round world-class exotic hunts. Axis deer, Fallow deer, Red Stag, and Blackbuck Antelope are just a sample of the variety of exotic species that roam our vast property. All hunts are fully guided and conducted from custom tower blinds or by spot and stalk. The variety of terrain and vegetation on The JL Bar Ranch provide the perfect habitat for exotics and the perfect location for your ultimate exotic hunting experience.

Upland Bird Hunting Experiences

Experience quail hunting and pheasant drives through the rolling hills of oak and mesquite thickets lined with native-grass prairies. The pre-season release program combined with the large number of native birds result in an unequaled quail population. Our upland bird hunters have the opportunity to choose from several different types of upland hunting from September through March. The number of quail and pheasant hunts are limited to ensure every trip to the field is the very best wing-shooting hunt possible.

Spring Turkey Hunting

The JL Bar Ranch & Resort is home to an incredible population of Rio Grande turkeys. Taking a big gobbler during the spring season can be one of the most challenging and rewarding of all hunting experiences. Whether you are looking for a turkey hunting destination for yourself or a group, large population of birds, professional guides, and luxurious accommodations make The JL Bar Ranch & Resort the perfect destination for the Turkey hunt of a lifetime.


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