Sporting Clays

Sporting clays mimic actual field shooting and is the best activity of all shotgun sports to do just that. Rather than clay birds being launched standardized distances and specific angles, as with skeet or trap, sporting clays are designed to simulate hunting of ducks, pheasants, and other upland birds. With no set season, clays can be shot at any time of year! Most hunters shoot sporting clays to further their wingshooting skills during the off-season or refresh their accuracy prior to a scheduled hunt. Targets can be thrown from literally any angle or distance, further give the shooter the experience of actual hunting conditions, while receiving expert feedback and advice from our staff. Lastly, the shooter will experience a vast majority of the property while traveling our 14 course station, where each station offers a unique experience all it’s own.


  • Personal firearm(s) must be checked in with Guest Services upon arrival to the property.
    • *Gun rental available, price per shooter per activity PLUS cost of ammo usage. 
  • Eye and Ear protection, as well as scorecard, provided per shooter.
  • 2 courses offered – Intermediate and Advanced. 14 stations per course.
  • Approximately 2 hours.
  • Cost will be per shooter.
  • Guest(s) meet at the General Store prior to the scheduled activity.