Rifle Range

Nestled in beautiful scenery, The JL Bar Gun Ranges are a marksman’s dream! Our state of the art gun ranges offer the opportunity to hone your accuracy with top-notch feedback from our experienced instructors. We have a variety of firearms available for rental but you are also welcome to bring your own personal firearm. At the rifle range, start refining your accuracy with paper targets and shift to steel plates at various distances extending up to 250 yards. Join us for a world class experience!


  • Personal firearm(s) must be checked in with Guest Services upon arrival to the property.
    • *Gun rental available, price per shooter per activity PLUS cost of ammo usage.
  • Eye & Ear protection, shooting benches, and shooting bags are provided per shooter.
  • Approximately 1 hour.
  • Cost will be per shooter per hour.
  • Guest(s) meet at the General Store prior to the scheduled activity.